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Life on California's beautiful Central Coast

About Leah Etling

Born and raised in Santa Barbara County, I make my home in beautiful easy-going Goleta, home of mellow surf breaks and stellar sunsets.

I work as a manager for Yardi,  a global real estate technology provider, and you can read my team’s work on The Balance Sheet, the Yardi corporate blog. We also oversee reputation management, social media, and a variety of other content projects.

My six-word outlook on the troubles facing journalism, “no news is not good news,” was an honorable mention in an online Poynter contest. My dad taught me that conciseness as advocated in Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” remains the best way to write.

While working for the San Luis Obispo Tribune, Santa Rosa Press Democrat and Santa Barbara News-Press, I was awarded daily journalism honors from the Associated Press Sports Editors, California Newspaper Publisher’s Association, and the National Education Writer’s Association.I ran the daily operations of hyperlocal website Edhat.com for three years, departing in 2011. Edhat founder Peter Sklar was a mentor to me, you can read my tribute to him here.

My UC Berkeley master’s thesis on the status of women in sports writing (2002) was published in part by the Women’s Sports Foundation and the Associated Press Sports Editors, and has been cited as some of the best available research on the topic.

My brother, Will, is a musician, artist, web developer and graphic designer. My father, William, can sell you a great house in the Santa Ynez Valley. My mother, Debra, owns Solvang Children’s Shop along with her sister. I have a precious nephew, Mercer, and value family above all other things in life.

In my free time, I run very long distances, take care of my corgi puppy, read books and newspapers and spend time with my beloved family. I’ve traveled North America, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and Scandinavia and lived briefly in Hawaii a long time ago.





  BBB wrote @

Your trip looks and sounds wonderful. Maybe you could figure out a way to make a living writing travel lit and do it forever.

  BBB wrote @

So, I write to you on May 29 and then again today and between the two postings, no other comments from the welkin. Is there a larger page where comments from others come in or do I constitute your entire fan base?

Have you seen any moose? We saw many elk, deer, other beasties. . .but only one moose. I recall Yellowstone from the early 50’s as a kid and there were many moose. Not so today. An old trapper fellow told us it was because of the re-introduction of wolf into the valley. They do not prey on the herding animals (elk and deer) so as a consequence they prey on the solitary ones, in particular moose, and thus the number has been reduced drastically. Any verification from our news reporter in the field.

You photos are beautiful. You have a very good eye.

All is well here. Butterflies in the garden, a mockingbird nesting in the peach tree, frogs croaking near the water bib, cicadas chirpping in the tall grass. A veritalbe menagerie.

  Tonya wrote @

You both look great in this pic. Woo-hoo one year. And I agree, you should travel write forever. You’re good at it!

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