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We can’t forget

Last week I interviewed a real estate executive from Philadelphia, who is working to expand the city’s Holocaust memorial. His grandfather was a survivor of the Sobibór extermination camp, where his first wife and children were executed on arrival because they were Jewish.

More than 200,000 people were killed by Nazis at Sobibór during World War II. After managing to escape the camp, his grandfather fled to West Germany, where he joined the Resistance and was wounded while fighting against Hitler’s troops. In the hospital he met a nurse who would become his second wife. After the war, they moved to Israel and then to the U.S.

“My involvement with this project is to honor my grandfather and make sure my kids and someday their kids understand what people before us sacrificed and went through,” the executive told me. I’ll share more of this story when it is ready to run.

This story isn’t ready to print yet, but this just seems like a really important week to start telling it. Have we moved as far forward from the conflict of values that started World War II as we thought? Terrifyingly, perhaps not.

Victor, Colorado, 2017