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Gray skies and gondolas in Venice

We are waiting for Will and Abigail to arrive and join us in Venice. Since most of the day was eaten up with travel, today was really just about checking out the canals and alleys a bit. Mom/Dad have been here before. I haven’t. I’d say it is exactly what I expected. Too many tourists (even though this is very early in the summer reason, so early it is still raining) in a very old and fascinating city on water. I feel slightly uncomfortable here because I can’t get a feel for what it is like to actually live here – it is impossible when every business caters to people from out of town.

Everything my friends advised me of has been spot on (it is crowded, the narrow alleys are awesome, easy to get lost, watch out for scammers, not a great city for running or for the mobility-impaired.) But the worldwide mixture of tourists is fascinating and the Venetians who are about seem fashionable and relatively nice.  I’m not able to write much tonight because I am just too tired. Tomorrow, hopefully, will be a more adventurous and blog-inspiring day.


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