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Hearty congrats to my dad, Bill Etling, on his new office for Los Olivos Real Estate Co. at 2920 B Grand Ave. in Los Olivos. Stop by and talk to him about any property in Santa Barbara County – he’ll be happy to help you out! Find him online at movetosantaynez.comLORECO extHere’s a little more about his real estate expertise and experience:

For the inside story on the Valley, read Bill’s book, “Sideways in Neverland: Life in the Santa Ynez Valley.” If you’re serious about living here, you need this book – order it today.

Bill grew up here. He graduated from Santa Ynez High and UC Santa Barbara, with MBA work at Cal Lutheran. His wife Debra’s Danish grandparents came to Solvang in 1932. His children were born and grew up here; both graduated from UCSB and have Master’s degrees in Journalism (Leah-UCB, Will-USC). He works hard to help clients and the community at large. He cleaned up four miles of Hwy 154 for a year in the Adopt-A-Highway Program, and has served on the boards of the Friends of the Library, Solvang School Education Foundation, and Arts Outreach. He initiated the projects that banished ugly telephone poles in Los Olivos, Solvang, and on Refugio Road. Bill has built and refurbished numerous homes here over the years. And of course he’s handled many sales for many happy clients.

His father-in-law Renton Mitchell was one of the most successful real estate agents in the valley. His mother Marion was the former Director of Nursing at the Lutheran Home, and past president of the Visiting Nurse Association and the Republican Women’s Club. His father Ben is a retired rocket man who worked for AT&T at Vandenberg and played trumpet with the Village Band at Danish Days. His wife Debra runs the Solvang Children’s Shop. The local knowledge you need to make a sound and confident decision is right here.

When you choose an agent, you deserve the best. You are committing vast amounts of time and money to your real estate decision. For ability, education and experience, for outstanding local knowledge and tested negotiating skill, and most of all, for peace of mind, call William Etling at (805) 688-0500.


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