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Well, shoot, chicken suit

Just found out I won my age group in last weekend’s Race for Preservation 10K in Savannah, Georgia, which started at Forsyth Park in the center of the city and took us over train tracks and through historic homes. Guess I should have checked those race results before I left the state!

I ran slow, and got beat by a guy in a chicken suit. Here’s a picture of him.


Being beat by a guy wearing a chicken suit is demoralizing. There’s just no way around it. It was raining before and during the race, and the chicken suit must have been heavy and soggy. Good job, Chicken Suit Guy! You have earned my respect and admiration. I will take people in poultry themed attire far more seriously from now on.

They had some pretty cool awards for this race, made out of old pieces of wood. Check them out:



I was getting pretty bummed out that I was not hauling one of these truly unique awards home through the Charlotte and Phoenix airports, so I called the Trust for Historic Preservation to see if they could ship my award to me. They informed me that my Running USA colleague Peter Maksimow, the overall winner of the 10K, had already picked it up for me! Cool surprise times two. Thanks Peter! Our colleague Nancy Hobbs was second overall in the women’s 5K.

Some of our Running USA attendees ran in inch-an-hour downpour (with tornado sirens, too) on Tuesday morning. Say what you will about runners – we’re all a little bit crazy, whether we are wearing chicken suits or not.