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I was just looking at the search terms for which people have landed on this blog in the last week. One of them is “funny rock n roll pictures”. Sadly, I am afraid that this visitor must have gone away disappointed.

But I do have a funny rock picture to share. On Saturday my friend Ana and I took a hike in the Santa Barbara Front Country, going up the Rattlesnake Trail and over to Jesusita. Along the way, I barely survived being eaten by a giant rock..


Thanks to all the yoga I’ve been doing at RussaYog and Better Days Yoga, I was able to throw a little Utthita Parsvakonasana (extended side angle) into my escape.

Or maybe the rock thought I was disgusting and spit me out.


Anyway, nice to get the new year started with a fun big hike on a nice day. Thanks to Ana for taking the pictures of my insanity.


On a sadder note, but also involving rock n’ roll, today The Deadly Syndrome, my favorite band of all time, officially announced that they are no longer a band. Although those of us in the band’s “family” knew this was coming, it is still sad to say goodbye to such an awesome group of talented musicians. who also happen to be really great people. As I mentioned in a previous post:

“Who is The Deadly Syndrome? They are four cool guys who make really good music.

Over the last five years they have produced three albums, played a lot of great shows around downtown, Hollywood, Silver Lake and Echo Park, toured nationally, gotten high marks from Pitchfork, held some badass annual Ugly Sweater Parties, all while holding down day jobs and living pretty regular lives, for rock stars.”

Will, Jesse, Mike, Chris – you guys were great. Thank you for all the amazing show memories, the three fantastic albums, and the inspiration to live life creatively. I will be listening to the songs you wrote and recorded for the rest of my life.


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