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A few thoughts for Friday

The theme of this week was appreciation. It was a really quiet August week, one of those post-Fiesta recovery periods that Santa Barbara seems to need annually, and it got me thinking about what I am grateful for in my life.

I surprised even myself when I updated my Facebook status on Wednesday night. The message was uncomplicated: “I have an awfully nice, pretty simple life, and I am especially grateful for it at this particular moment.”

I wasn’t doing ANYTHING when I wrote that on Wednesday night. I’d come home after going to yoga, made myself some dinner, sat outside, read the next chapter of “The Tiger’s Wife.” As always, I was checking my stupid phone, convinced that somebody was probably just about to call me, but nobody did.

And I suddenly realized that I was totally OK with that.

I remember a conversation my late grandmother and I had about doing things solo. She admitted that she loved to go to the movies by herself, or shopping, or just about anything. Despite being the most socially connected person I knew (at that point in my young life), she loved being alone. I was just out of high school and had barely discovered this predilection within myself,  but I already knew I felt the same way.  It’s a preference that’s only grown stronger with age.

So in the vein of appreciating those things that we might not even realize deserve to be appreciated, here’s a few thoughts for Friday – about stuff I’m grateful for.

-My little house. Particularly, how close it is to the beach below Ellwood. I find all my solace there.

-Yoga practice. The kind women who teach and practice there always make me feel at ease.

-Health. I am very lucky to be as fit and healthy as I am, and I don’t take that for granted. It’s precious, and I work hard on the fitness part. I appreciate that I’ve never shirked on that.

-Nice people. They are everywhere, especially at my office and within my circle of friends and family, and I adore them all. Two who stand out: my roommate Emily Colgate. We ran track together in high school and reconnected this year because she needed a place to live in SB. She’s a doctor and a very cool woman. I’ve enjoyed hanging out with her this summer.  Also, my partner-in-crime on the Yardi blog, Elizabeth Giles. She’s a social media expert, stellar salsa maker, and an amazing mix of energy and enthusiasm. She gave me a tremendous compliment today by telling me she was inspired by my “pretty simple life” status and linking back to this blog. I couldn’t ask for a better colleague to work very closely with.

Have a wonderful weekend. Hope it’s simple and lovely and sunny out.

Isla Vista sunrise.

Sunrise on the edge of IV. Taken Wednesday on my way back from my run.


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