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A few thoughts about Reddit

I’ve been dabbling in the world of Reddit lately. I have a few friends who are religious readers and just to keep up with what they’re talking about I started checking out the site occasionally. For those who don’t know it, Reddit is an aggregate site where masses of folks share links to photos, articles, memes and other online stuff. They also have conversations that typically start with questions. There’s a lot of advice, some interesting perspectives on relationships, a great concept called Ask Me Anything (AMA) which I wish we could have stolen for Edhat back in the day. There’s also a lot of junk and garbage, interspersed with photos of cute cats and puppies. (Mom, you won’t like this one. Even with the cats and dogs.)

The majority of Redditors seem to be male, 20-40, and have some cultural ideas about what makes for good humor that I don’t understand at all. But what I love about Reddit is that you get some great insight into what people really think. That’s rather rare in this era of Internet blathering, and as someone who wants to hear people’s real thoughts I find it refreshing. The commenters are usually fairly well spoken and articulate, another plus. And I should say that the friends I have who read Reddit are exceptionally bright.

To get to my point, here’s a couple of statements I really liked from a recent Reddit post about relationships. Just little snippets that are actually pretty good life advice.

“Most people want healthy, stable partners. Its what I want, and its what we all deserve. So everyone get healthy and stable and go out and love someone!”

” Appreciate your own internal monologue.”

“Once you are OK with being alone, then start dating somebody.  Another person should enhance your life and your happiness, not be relied upon for it.”

You get the idea. Real people saying real things is pretty rare online. Everybody else is spending their time bashing one another about politics or religion or whether or not “The Bachelorette” will actually get married to Jef with one f. Reddit has a community feel, and should be commended for it. There are also some truly hilarious posts – like this imgur link to the real Nathan Fillion‘s Twitter status.

Also to the site’s credit – when the Aurora theater shootings took place they had some decent citizen journalism coverage that was posted, including an especially impressive scanner report that I’d rate as one of the best I’ve ever seen from a non-professional on a major breaking news event. You got a much better sense of the chaos and confusion at the scene from this report than from any national news coverage that I read that horrible day.

I don’t see myself as ever becoming a member of this community. I’d rather just observe what’s happening there from the outside, like visiting an aquarium. I don’t want to swim with the fish, I just find them interesting to look at. Bottom line: you have to weed through a lot of sand to find sand dollars sometimes .. and that’s what I think of Reddit.

Sand dollars


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