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Runners who stare at goats

OK, so sometimes I get distracted when I’m running. It doesn’t take much. Home remodeling projects, cool gardens, cute dogs, nice plants, Airstream camper trailers, bad landscaping, piles of trash.. I will stop for all of the above. The kissing goats of Vereda del Ciervo got my attention on Saturday with their frantic antics. I’ll let them tell you about it.

Goleta goats

Me: “Hey! There’s a goat on that shed! I’m going to take a picture of it.”


Goleta goats II

Goat: “What do you want, crazy lady? Do you have a treat for me or are you just a stupid tourist?”


Goleta goat two

Goat one: “Do you think she has raisins?” Goat two: “I am hoping for corn chips.”


Goats 3

Goat two (whispers): “I think she might be lonely. Maybe she needs a friend.”


Goats three

Thanks for the fun visit, VDC goats! See you soon.


By the way, these goats have it good. They don’t have to work for a living like the brush clearning goats, and they have a nice clean pen and are obviously well fed. Of course, they might rather be wandering the roads of Banff in Alberta, Canada, but then you really have to pose for photos all the darn day.





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  Colin wrote @

Those are my goaties. Gotta get some pictures of the horses. I might be a little late tho, 2 years late!

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