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Silence from the side of the car

Was a third party in a San Marcos smash-up on Sunday. Car stopped ahead of me, I stopped, car behind me stopped, car behind them didn’t stop, Car behind me (Mercedes Kompressor) got hit hard, they hit me hard, I ended up on the shoulder and luckily no one was seriously hurt. Driver and passenger in the second vehicle took the full impact of the collision and were transported to Cottage Hospital via American Medical Response ambulance.

Feeling a bit unsettled and unwell tonight. Shoulder pain from getting slammed forward into my seatbelt and a lot of generalized anxiety. Sleep elusive. A strange way to look forward to Monday.

Dad has a good piece about the dangers of deer on the pass in his book, Sideways in Neverland Unforunately the impetus for this wasn’t blameless Bambi, but delinquent attention by other drivers.

Extremely professional and compassionate response from 911 dispatch, Santa Barbara County Fire first responders, American Medical Response ambulance crew, and California Highway Patrol personnel on scene. Many thanks to all.

Don’t drive that road if you don’t have to. I know better and only went that way today due to the ongoing construction project on Highway 101 at Gaviota. Big apologies to my grandfather for missing our weekly Scrabble bout.

Kompressor that hit me 7-22


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  keys1988 wrote @

hope your ok

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