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Some songs I like

The Deadly Syndrome has a new album out. It’s got some great stuff on it. You should listen to it. Find it right here: http://www.thedeadlysyndrome.com/

Who is The Deadly Syndrome? They are four cool guys who make really good music.

Over the last five years they have produced three albums, played a lot of great shows around downtown, Hollywood, Silver Lake and Echo Park, toured nationally, gotten high marks from Pitchfork, held some badass annual Ugly Sweater Parties, all while holding down day jobs and living pretty regular lives, for rock stars.

Here’s a great new video from their new album, All in Time, which releases Aug. 7. The song is called Demons:

Their song “I Hope I Become A Ghost” (from a previous album) was featured in full on the Robin Williams film “World’s Greatest Dad.” It covers a montage of the main character, who commits suicide, reflecting on the people he has left behind and how they should feel now that he’s gone. (It’s a dark comedy, and the song is perfect for the film.)

You can see The Deadly Syndrome live on Sept. 9 at Bootleg Bar in LA. Don’t miss it – they play an amazing live show.


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