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Santa Fe 2012

 I’m in Santa Fe with the fabulous Elizabeth Werhane for three days of sightseeing, chile eating, hiking, art observing, window shopping and history seeking great times.

I never fail to come back to this state with love in my heart – it’s just as beautiful as ever and the people have been fabulously nice to us. We met the nephew of the late Selma Rubin, the wonderful activist who recently passed away in Santa Barbara, and enjoyed a beautiful lunch at a new Canyon Road restaurant, The Tea Garden. We also grabbed breakfast at my favorite Cerrillos breakfast spot, Tecolote Cafe, also the best breakfast bet of none other than novelist George R.R. Martin. We’ve been threatening to stop by his house and ask him how book six is going, but alas, we don’t know exactly where it is.

Tomorrow we’re off to Bandalier National Monument and then driving the Enchanted Circle to Taos. It’s perfect weather for traveling!

Got in a five mile run this morning and we walked almost six miles during our sightseeing today.

Painting in the lobby of the Buffalo Thunder.

Another old favorite, a little more faded with time.

Cute donkey mom and baby.

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  Alesha Busard wrote @

Oh I am so jealous! I love Santa Fe!! New Mexican food is out of this world. I am drooling just thinking about any dish with their chili’s in it. YUM

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