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The fleet

I was running back home from Sands/Coal Oil Point on Friday morning when the fleet of trucks at the UCSB Day Care Center caught my eye. Now I don’t have kids, but this facility makes me think that the parents who drop their children off here are pretty lucky every time I pass it – the kids playing outside always seem 100 percent happy and they have lots of cool toys to amuse them while mom and dad are at work.

One example is their fleet of dump trucks and tractors, shown here. I have to say that this picture caused me quite a shock. I literally leaned over the electric fence – not realizing it was fully charged – to take the pic and got a huge jolt of electricity right to my heart/breastbone area. Ouch! Never fear UCSB, those plastic trucks are safe on their side of the fence.

Day in the Country

Took a very quick trip up to Solvang and Los Olivos on Saturday morning to show a visiting colleague what our beautiful Valley has to offer. Happened to be Day in the Country in Los Olivos, so we caught the very charming small town parade. Ran across a great scarecrow/wagon display out at the Alisal Guest Ranch as well. (First two shots.)







The following few shots are of this very cool old machine on display in the tractor section of Day in the Country (down by the Depot and Highway 154). I guess I think it’s cool because I remember all that time I spent trying to make friendship bracelets as a kid. This braider does all the work for you.






Friday Sunrise