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MontMorency Falls

Just before the bridge over to Ille de Orleans is MontMorency Falls, a truly impressive waterfall that can be accessed over a bridge, if you are willing to climb a very big staircase first.

There's also a tram that will take you to the top, but trams are for lazy people. Or, as my mom said, "I only take trams in Switzerland."


If you have read Game of Thrones, then you know about the staircase leading up the Wall. That's what these stairs are like.


Unfortunately we did not run into Jon Snow.


But we did see a marmot at the top!


Once you get up the 465 stairs there's a short walk over to the bridge across the falls itself.


Water is awfully placid right before it takes a huge dive.



From a little viewing station on the opposite side of the bridge.




Definitely a worthwhile trek. We saw a few crazy locals even running the stairs for a workout.

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  Liz wrote @

Marmots are a poor man’s Jon Snow.

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