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Ile d’Orleans

One of the most useful pieces of historical info I’ve gleaned on this little trip is where the name for New Orleans comes from (Louisiana is on the very short list of U.S. states I have never been to, so I really hope to go there soon).

When the French were fighting the British back in the 18th century, the British defeated them for control of Quebec. So the French settlers who were living on the especially beautiful Ile d’Orleans said “screw it, we’re out of here” and headed south, ending up in Louisiana, where they fished and made beignets and had much warmer weather and pretty much lived happily ever after until Hurricane Katrina. Or something like that. (Note to UCSB history department: please don’t ask for my degree back. This is a personal blog.)

But Ile d’Orleans remains the most pastoral little island you could ever come up with. We drove all the way around it and saw all the picturesque little villages, and picture perfect homes. There are a few wineries, tons of apple orchards, and a few cheese making shops.

I didn’t take enough pictures here so I apologize for that. The few that I did take are below. Not my best, but this island is really truly special so definitely visit there if you ever get the chance. A lot of people go out there to cycle but it didn’t look like good riding to me – no shoulders on the roads and tons of cars driving around on one of the busiest fall weekends for apple picking.

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