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Quebec Cider Route

Today we drove for eight hours and saw approximate a half-dozen stoplights.

Leaving Montreal early on a gray, drizzly day, we headed southwest to begin our travels on the rumored cider route. We had heard that there were a lot of apple orchards making apple wine and hard apple cider down in the south east part of Quebec, but it wasn’t really confirmed until we started driving through acres of apple orchards. We’re right in the middle of apple harvest season, and discovered that the cider route is in fact for real.

The roads we took were two lanes, surrounded by green fields and farms, reminding us of Wisconsin where my dad’s mother grew up. Silos, cows, corn, perfectly kept little 140 year old farmhouses were everywhere.

The rain kept me from photographing the first couple hours of driving. Our first stop at a cidery was in Rocklin, and it was a tiny family owned farm where the farmer waved his mom out of the farmhouse to pour their cider for us to taste. We had already been welcomed by the two farm dogs.

This dog absolutely loved me.


These two were spending most of their rainy morning wrestling on the porch.


Harvest time!



The sweet dessert wine cider was our favorite.


Official symbol of the cider route.


Talk about upsetting the apple cart.


No cider at this stop, but we bought apple donuts and apples.



The donuts were terrific!


And this apple was one of the best I'd ever had.


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