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North Hatley, Quebec

Some tourists in my mom’s shop in Solvang had mentioned the town of North Hatley, Quebec to her as a destination we should see on our trip. Good advice. Not to be confused with Hatley, or St. Catherine du Hatley, which are both within a stone’s throw of here, Hatley is a pristine little river/lake village with charming B and B’s, great scenery and tranquil hills surrounding the whole thing.

We rolled in late on Thursday. I had an urgent photo call to take care of and found a very useful payphone (payphones are still everywhere in Canada, by the way). Then we had to scramble for accommodations for tonight as we skipped Montreal a day early and had no plans. We ended up at this totally charming inn outside the town, up on a hill, which has about 15 acres of gorgeous green lawn. It’s covered with snow most of the year, but you can see down to the lake from our room and with the clearing storm it was supremely pretty.

We’re about two hours south of Quebec and will be heading that way tomorrow. I’m hoping to get another nice run in on the local country roads before we head out. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow, but this rain was actually great to drive around in today. Glad it wasn’t snowing!

View from the room.

Yay Payphones!

North Hatley Gazebo.

Local street art.

B and B.

du lac

Lots of summer homes here.

Historic photo of the general store, present day shot directly above.

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  Ann Marie wrote @

Beautiful. Thank you Leah. It is prisitine. One can “smell” the air. Also, the man-made things, seem harmonious, in good taste, and made to last, by people who are not in a hurry.

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