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Mont Royal, McGill, and more

We walked all the way from our hotel to the top of Mont Royal, the park on a hill in the heart of the city which seem to be the most popular place to go running around here. View from the chateau at the top convinced me that this city is Portland and Paris in a blender – all the hipster chic and grunge of Portland, all the French language and snobbery of Paris. People are brusque and busy, you definitely do not feel like you’re in an American city.

Runners at McGill

McGill has a popular journalism program and this is still a newspaper town  with six functioning publications. Right outside the university’s front gate there was a teaching assistant strike going on.

It felt distinctly familiar to strikes I covered at UCSB and witnessed at Berkeley. The music, with polka-style accordian, was actually pretty good.

VIew from Mt. Royal.

This cross is a hilltop landmark within the park.

Sidewalk scrawl wisdom at the chateau.

On the way back we veered through the arts complex, with the contemporary arts museum and performance hall.


The Palais Congress convention center has this amazing rainbow wall.


A photographer across the street was trying to capture the light it was leaving on the sidewalk.


Inside was like being in a rainbow.


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