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Despite my hopes to travel more in 2011, it’s mid-September and I’m on my first real trip of the year.

My parents and I are in Quebec, Canada for a week. We arrived in Montreal today. We’ll spend the next two days here and then head for Quebec City.

We had a long day of traveling but checked in at the Bonaparte after a traffic and construction ridden cab drive from the airport. It’s a classic but renovated hotel with beautiful wood floors and a vintage brick accent on the wall to my right. it doesn’t look like it would do well in an earthquake. We’re in the heart of the Old City, and it feels very Parisian.

It’s humid with thunderstorms expected to keep rolling through for the next several days. We got drenched coming back from dinner, a casual meal of lobster ravioli and fish and chips at a bistro called Holder. A Santa Barbara pinot was on the list, but I can’t tell you what winery it was from .. I was surprised to see it.

I’m out of practice with my travel photos but here are just a few shots I took on the way to dinner. Tomorrow will be a full sightseeing and photo day. Looking forward to it!

These are my first "days off" this year.. I am definitely due for a time out!

Flying the colors, above the Old City.

Cyclists and cars coexist here. Rental bike kiosks are everywhere.

Media bistro.. where all the cool journos hang out? Or just another way to say Internet Cafe?

Now that's an urban garden.


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