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It’s good to be Snickers

TE Take II

The uber talented Jeff Clark, professional photographer extraordinaire, took the following photos during Saturday’s relay. It’s not usually possible to take a good picture of me, so I was pretty impressed with these shots.. thanks Jeff! We all look great. I guess that’s easy when you’re having so much fun.


Just the girls.

This is my favorite shot.

Water for Todd

Almost to La Cumbre

I'm actually not sure what's happening here.

That's all folks!

Tough Enough

Couple of photos from our race on Saturday. We weren’t able to compete with the top teams, but we had a very good time.

Team: Alicia, me, Jeff, Liz, Todd in the back.

Handoff from Jeff at the gun club.

And off to get dirty on the way to Broadcast Peak. Then down to Refugio Pass.

Followed by a bike ride down to the Santa Ynez River.

Now that’s my idea of a pretty good Saturday!