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Fast track

2011 has been off to a blurry start. Feels like I’m flying through the year going about 60 miles an hour. But, things are going great! A few highlights.

I moved back to Goleta, where it’s easy access to the beach below Ellwood Mesa:

A beautiful day last week before it started pouring rain.

Isla Vista:

And good old UCSB:

Friends and I are training to run the 2011 Tough Enough relay on April 2, so I’ve been running hard and enjoying some of the amazing views on the course:

And getting in pretty good shape.

Edhat is rocking in 2011, recording more subscribers and pageviews than ever and breaking stories all over the place.

Today, we had amazing coverage of the winter storm that’s been rocking Santa Barbara, dumping more than 6 inches of rain in Goleta today.

One of the highlights of my week is having Monday dinner with Liz and Boris, where we experiment with new recipes.

I’m thinking about getting a dog, but it will be tough to find one as cute as Andy:


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