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Three hour tour

Some shots from blustery bicycle ride around the Santa Ynez Valley this Sunday.

Started from mom and dad's, went down Calzada and waved to Will, Andy and Snick as they went back to LA.

First hour, went out to the base of Figueroa Mountain Road in a headwind, it was cold.

Turned around at the cattle guard and went flying back down to Los Olivos, 6 miles in 18 minutes.

Second hour, went down Ballard Canyon to Solvang. Saw a few other riders.

Rusack Winery has an especially nice Aspen tree.

Cruised down Copenhagen in town. There was an empty parking space in front of the baby store.

Went up Alamo Pintado, across on Baseline, and finally got the Watusi close enough to the fence on Calzada for a good shot.

This house in Santa Ynez always looks more like it should be in Ferndale.

Across the highway, back to Baseline, out past Jacobsen Dairy. Love this sign.

Total ride time: 3 hours, 7 minutes. Miles: about 35. Expletives shouted at drivers who tried to run me off the road: 2, both on Edison. Average temperature: about 47 degrees with wind chill.

P.S. Happy birthday today to my fabulous brother Will, newly employed at Surfline, lead guitarist for the Deadly Syndrome, and surfer, photographer, writer, traveler, dog-father (I just made myself laugh), brother, son, grandson extraordinaire. You are awesome Will! He is 28.

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