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Zaca Mesa

The last Sunday in October was a beautiful day to journey out Foxen Canyon to Zaca Mesa Winery. Known for their syrah and cuvee, we found a friendly tasting room staff and beautiful rural vistas.

Fremont passed through here on his tour to claim California for the U.S. Ben Foxen gave him directions.

It's been a late harvest for many local wineries this year.

The tasting room and production facilities are housed in this huge barn-like building.

Just enough of a breeze to make the flags fly proud.

Solvang scarecrows

A few Solvang businesses made seasonsal scarecrows for a local contest. The coffeeshop’s Rastafarian got my vote.

Big buck

This four-pronged buck was one of many deer living on the grounds of Penrose House in Colorado Springs.

Cool beer labels

From Odell Brewing, Fort Collins, Colo.

Few more from Fort Collins

Yesterday I visited the Odell Brewery and tasted some of their beer. It was all delicious.

On a side street not far from the brewery.

It's still very rural here. Big trucks and feed mills.

Just north of town. You can see the storm sitting over the mountains.

Fall color in Fort Collins

Leaves yet to fall.

It is absolutely beautiful here.. and warm enough to walk around without a jacket, although a little on the windy side. I couldn’t go to Estes Park today because it was snowing, so I ended up here instead and had a great time. Many photos to follow.

Museum..looks like it was a Carnegie Library at one time.

Park next to the museum.

Solid gold.

Squirrel, trying to stay still so I don't eat him.

Liquid amber.

Down the street.

Halloween is coming.

I love this one. Leaves on the ground.

And right next to those leaves with more purple in them, leaves with more red.

Soon they too will be on the ground.

Yellow n-orange.

Scarecrow in a tree.

Down a back alley.

Basketball, anyone?

That shuffling sound as you push your feet through the leaves down the sidewalk.. we don't hear that at home.

Fabulous fall

I haven’t been blogging much lately. There’s just too much work to be done, and not much going on in my personal life. I am taking a trip to Colorado next week though, so I’ll have a few updates from there.

Here’s a cool wagon decorated for fall along Refugio Rd. in the Santa Ynez Valley.

PS One fun thing I did do recently was go to a dinner honoring the PCBT’s “Top 40 Under 40” for 2010. My great friend Elizabeth Werhane was one of the honorees. She is so deserving of thisĀ  honor! Professional, involved community member, and all around superlative person.

Here’s a picture of the two of us in SLO recently.