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Blur effect

With a tripod, this could have been a very cool shot.

No waiting

Photo by Liz Werhane.

That’s right, Jack Pellerin, there was indeed no waiting for breakfast in the streets of Solvang this Sunday morning. What I found hilarious was that one of my friends who never knew you wondered if you’d ever played Santa Claus. ! Art imitates life. Breakfast has gotten pricier.. $7.00 for abelskivers with sausage. I had a knot in my throat as I remembered my Grandpa Mitchell handing us all cash for our breakfasts as we waited in line a few years back.. he’s now at Friendship House, and we miss him.

Today was my Grandfather Etling’s 87th birthday. He’s in great shape for his years.. and proudly told me tonight that today was the “Thirty-eighth anniversary of his 49th birthday.” (After he’d beaten me at 2 games of Scrabble, of course. My losing streak now stands at 0-5.) Last night he was the big winner at croquet over Bert, his youngest son, and John Brannon, Cambrian columnist. Today he got to take Seth, Lisa and Laurel for a ride in the Lincoln, which I hear was a big hit.

He was very sweet to tell me that our time together means so much because he never got to know his own grandfathers, and as he’s the only biological grandfather I’ve been able to meet in my lifetime, our time together is especially great. Happy birthday, Grandpa E!


It’s time again for the tarantulas to make their seasonal migration to their breeding grounds in the Santa Ynez Valley. Here’s one crossing the road.

To get more information about the spiders and where they’re headed, see this link. I saw my first one last Wednesday evening and since then I’ve seen four more, two smooshed flat on the road, two more making their way across.

If you are looking for tarantulas good places to drive include Brinkerhoff Road, through Woodstock Ranch and Oak Trail Estates, and on Calzada Road (off Roblar, not near Santa Ynez). This picture was taken on Calzada Road.

I've decided tarantulas bring good luck. Distribute rumor at will.