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The Deadly Syndrome plays the Rose Bowl

Saturday night by brother Will’s band (also including Chris Richard, Michael Hughes and Jesse Hoy) took the stage at the LA Street Food Fest at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Usually before a show there isn’t much to do besides have a drink in a dark bar while listening to some way-too-loud house music. But for the two hours before they played last night, we got to run around standing in line for all sorts of unusual street food.. such as dim sum dumplings that turned out to be filled with cheeseburger-and-onions filling – that tasted EXACTLY like a McDonald’s cheeseburger..yuck! But there was some really good stuff too, a fish taco and Brazilian chicken-and-cream-cheese croquettes were high on our enjoyable list.

Then the band came on and most of the people were still standing in ever-longer lines for things. We had already had our fill so we got to sit on the astroturf and enjoy. I took a ton of pictures since it was still daylight out, and here are a few.

How my brother went from lessons at Jensen's Guitar in Solvang to a stage at the Rose Bowl is still somewhat of a mystery to me, but I'm so proud of him!

On the jumbotron!

Looking back at the crowd.

My mom, dad, and Abigail. Yes, my dad is wearing a Singha beer visor.


Last song.. a revamped ending to Eucalyptus.


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