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That Dog-Gone Run

After the Edhat dog ditched me for fame and glory at the State Street mile, I put the experience in her words:

It’s not easy being the Edhat dog.

There’s the fame that comes with being on all those splash pages, the pressure of picking the winners of important Edhat contests like March Edness. And of course, the constant training I have to do to be in shape for the annual State Street Dog Mile.

It’s possible that this year I over trained for the State Street Mile. And certainly, though my carbo-loading the night before was perfect, my head wasn’t in the right place before the race. Instead of staying calm and collected, I barked and pranced. I was anxious to avenge my leash-losing performance from 2009. Even though I came in first last year, my handler was left far behind.

I was determined to do better this year. I had a fast and understanding runner by my side. I had no excuse. I may have gotten a little over psyched. There were so many other fit canine competitors at the start line! I was nervous, even after all that walking around the block to calm me down.

So when the bell rang for the start of my event, I took the clearest path out to State Street. Unfortunately, said path wound my leash around the balloon arch that gracefully decorated the start line. I was fast off the gate and as I ran for the front, the entire balloon arrangement began to descend to the pavement. As my handler balked to keep from tripping on it, away I went. As fast as I could go. I didn’t even notice she wasn’t with me ‘til a half mile down State.

I chased after the leader, my leash flapping in the breeze, running for those treats at the finish line. Far behind, my embarrassed handler felt a fool and jogged along sheepishly, a dogless human in a sea of happy running pets. I had a flash of remorse – she is a nice enough sort. But, there was no way I could be caught. As I reached the finish I saw my owners, who immediately knew – I’d made it a Dog Gone run for the second straight year.

This post originally appeared on Edhat.com with the byline “by the Edhat dog.”

Before she ran away. Thanks to Rosminah Brown for the pic.


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