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Canyon Road

These were already on Edhat, but they were well received there so I figured I’d post them here too before they get lost in the frequent purges of photos I must do to keep hard drive space free on my computer.

Rock Paper Scissors

This is one of Nell's favorites and I really like it too.

These horses came in smaller sizes inside the gallery.

Nice lines on these, there were several in the set.

This courtyard was surrounded by little apartments, part of a historic building.

Loved this blue gate, and the rug too.

There were lots of flowers everywhere, spring in the city.

This garden of twirling, whirling, swirling sculptures was amazing.

This reminded me of summers in the pool when I was a kid.


On our way to raft on Friday we took a quick detour to Chimayo, which is the destination for an annual pilgrimage. The dirt beneath the chapel is believed to have healing powers. There is a little room to the left of the chapel where you can scoop up some of the “holy dirt” and take it home.

They were holding mass in the chapel while we were there, so we didn't go in.

The cemetary and church are nearly 200 years old.

The cemetary is within the walled courtyard.

Across from the chapel is a small restaurant.

More chiles.

There are crosses everywhere.

My guess is that the pilgrims carry the crosses with them when they walk, but I'm not sure.

This horse lived next to the parking lot.

Cochiti Canyon petroglyph hike

Looking back toward Cochiti Lake

Cacti in bloom

Not too many trees survived on this slope.

Almost there.





Mission Rose Garden