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Archive for April, 2010

Fair colors

I really dislike the fair, but am fascinated by the rides when they are setting them up.

We can hear the music from the carnival at our house, over a mile away.

Mardi Gras theme.




Watching the guy hang up the giant banana cracked me up.

Duck duck

There were more ducks than people at the edhat lunch on Wednesday.

This duck had a sad lip deformity

Double duck.

Stabbing in SB

Very sad, a man was killed at Hendry's beach last night. So far the suspect has eluded authorities.

Swap meet snacks

I would never eat these, I just like the colors.

Minnie steps

Sunshine kitty.

Happy dog

Waiting for its parental unit to come back with some chicken from Whole Foods.

More Minnie

The great hunter waiting for lizards.

Minnie has caught three lizards and brought them into the house. Eek! We found a new use for our BBQ tongs.

Sunbathing dog

Sunbathing dog

On my walk to the grocery store I saw this dog.

Easter aebleskivers

Yum, yum, yum.

My $3 Easter flowers from the Farmer's Market.

My mom showing Grandma M the famous Snickers website, snickersthedog.com

Pretty flowers

From the hotel next door.