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Reader feedback .. please

Well, now that we are homebound, it would be great to know what readers really thought of this blog experiment. What did you like/not like? What should I have done differently? Would it have been helpful to have videos/audio? Did I post often enough?

I got a lot of positive feedback over the duration, but it would be great to know what could be done better next time. If you don’t feel comfortable commenting on the site, you can always email me at etling@hotmail.com



  Eric Zahm wrote @

I followed your whole trip and enjoyed it all! I believe you did all of the writing, but I wonder if Erik did any blogging too? I believe you really get to know someone when you take a long vacation with them and you seem very happy together..I won’t be a yenta and ask anymore questions..
See you soon for a haircut
Eric Zahm

  letling wrote @

Thanks Eric! I really need a haircut. No, Erik didn’t do any blogging. But he does have some amazing photos, none of which have appeared on this blog, and hopefully will be the focus of an exhibit or website or both after our return.

  Mom wrote @

Next time take me with you!

  Greg wrote @

I enjoyed your pictures; links to larger versions would have been nice. Otherwise, excellent captions and commentary.

  letling wrote @

Thanks.. I sure do wish I could have included larger photo links. Unfortunately there is a severe limit on my wireless data network that prevents me from doing so .. don’t get an ATT air card! Worst mistake I made in planning for this trip.

  Gina wrote @

I think you did an amazing job blogging. It is a great resource for anyone wanting to visit a place anywhere along the route. I also enjoyed the weekly articles in the Santa Ynez paper. It gets delivered in the mailbox to Goleta every week for some reason!

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