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Your questions, answered

Liz and Tonya asked some good questions after my last FAQ post so I wanted to be sure I responded.

What do you miss about home (other than Trader Joe’s)? (Liz)

I miss my parents and grandparents. My grandmother Etling is doing very poorly and I’m really sorry I’m not there to visit her right now.

 How many photos have you taken? (Liz)

10 GB. It’s the first and only time I’ve ever backed up my hard drive.

What has surprised you on the trip? (Liz)

It’s expensive out here. Things are costing a lot more than we thought, and the increase over just the last year appears to be exponential. Our AAA books were wrong about every single price they quoted. That’s pretty sad.

Are you collecting newspapers from the towns you visit? (Tonya)

No. But I am looking at local newspaper websites to see who is making the transition to online journalism successfully. So far, I haven’t seen many shining stars.


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  Liz wrote @

Thank you for taking the time to answer. Now I know!
10GB is impressive. I think I took 2,200 snapshots during a month in Thailand. You’re probably thinking, “Wat?!” And yes, I have a few hundred shots of those.
How far south will you be this weekend? I’m heading up to Salt Point in Nor Cal…

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