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Camping at the Fort

Replica tower.

Replica tower.

The campground where we’re staying calls itself the Fort Victoria RV park. Today on my run I learned that just down the street from here was where early ships coming to the island would stop to get fresh water. There are beautiful but not overly pretentious homes along the West Victoria inlet.

The painting downtown that we saw last night looks pretty similar to the replica “fort” they put up here at the park. Points for accuracy.

Old Fort.

Old Fort.

According to Wikipedia: “Fort Victoria was a fur trading post of the Hudson’s Bay Company, the headquarters of HBC operations in British Columbia. The fort was the beginnings of a settlement that eventually grew into the modern Victoria, British Columbia, the capital city of British Columbia.

The headquarters of HBC operations on the Pacific slope of the Rockies at the time of Victoria’s founding was Fort Vancouver, on the lower Columbia River, but it had struggled for years to turn a profit; its location was difficult to defend, inaccessible to ships and too far from the lucrative furs in New Caledonia. The signing of the Oregon Treaty settled the matter of Fort Vancouver’s further suitability. The company sent James Douglas to build a fort some distance north on Vancouver Island and made him its Chief Factor.”

Chief Factor. Now there’s a title.


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