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FAQ revisisted

Time for another edition of Frequently Asked Questions. Some of the answers have changed since last writing.

Where are you?

Still in Canada. As of Tuesday morning, probably in Jasper. Possibly leaving for British Columbia today.

Where are you going in B.C.?

Headed toward the coast. Likely taking the ferry over to Vancouver. We’ll probably be in B.C. for 5 to 6 days.

Have you been able to watch any of the Tour de France?

A little bit. We’re also picking up local papers, which are offering better coverage than most American papers do.

When are you getting home?

Probably back in California by Sept. 1, it seems at this point. That could change, but it seems realistic.

Are you running?

Not as much as of late. I’m hesitant about running on trails in bear country so I’ve mostly been hiking with Erik.

Ever find that Trader Joe’s you were looking for?

Nope. Can’t wait to get to Washington for that reason alone!

How’s the van?

Pretty good. It’s been working great since we replaced the second battery. My laptop is another story. Its battery will no longer charge. Maybe it got a virus from the van.

How many miles have you gone?

About 5,000!



  Liz wrote @

More questions:
– What do you miss about home (other than Trader Joe’s)?
– How many photos have you taken?
– What has surprised you on the trip?

  Tonya wrote @

These FAQs are great! My dad is reading your blog now. You pretty much answered everything I was wondering …. Oh, I know! Are you collecting newspapers from the towns you visit?

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