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We’re in Waterton Lakes..


Lake near campsite.

Lake near campsite.

Lakeside seat.

Lakeside seat.

The Prince of Wales.

The Prince of Wales.

I’ve been to Waterton once before with my family. We stayed in the “crazy aunt attic” of the historic Prince of Wales hotel. That was a night I’ll never forget. The wind blew like mad off the lake and I convinced myself the room was haunted. Needless to say, it was an experience.

Glacier-Waterton Lakes are considered an international peace park, a unique cross-national experience that encourages visitors to go to both parks. We grabbed the last campsite in the Waterton Townsite park for tonight.


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  shermanset the waybackmachine wrote @

the whole place was swaying, i am not kidding; we got up and stuffed bath towels in the cracks around the windows to keep the wind out…

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