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Glacial summer

Boat outing on Lake McDonald.

Boat outing on Lake McDonald.

Glacier is great. Yesterday we had a wonderful afternoon of swimming and boating on Lake McDonald. We rented a little motor boat and took it across the lake. The weather was beautiful and swimming wasn’t even that cold. Today, though it’s raining. Nevertheless, Glacier is by far our favorite U.S. national park. We will be here for a couple more days before going to Waterton Lakes.

Last night I went for a short run near the campground. As I took a trail toward West Glacier some hikers informed me a mother bear and cubs were down the trail a ways. I decided to turn around and go back to camp. Probably won’t do any more running here!



  Gary M wrote @

Leah, We’re enjoying your blog. We ran a 14 mile trail run on Lolo Pass at the Idaho Montana border on June 27. Then drove to Banff. The Bow Valley Parkway (route 1A) is great. Drive it slowly NW in the early morning and opposite, so the sun is behind you, in the evening. We saw bear, moose, elk, bighorn sheep and mountain goats.
We ran the Kelowna 8K in Canada on July 5. Lots of strong runners. Must be all that cross country skiing in the winter.

  will wrote @

Bears are terrifying. They’re like sharks, but they can follow you out of the ocean. Except they don’t have to, because they’re already not in the ocean. Jeez!

  shermanset the waybackmachine wrote @

Glorious! thanks for sharing.

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