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Bozeman, Montana

This town has changed a lot since I was here last. Bigger, brighter, livelier, more cosmopolitan. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that. It’s more expensive to buy a home in Bozeman than in Bend, Ore.., concludes the popular local magazine Bozeman Outdoors. But Bend is growing so much faster than Bozeman that surely you’d rather live here, they conclude. (They also say Bend is a better town for runners. Hmmm. Now I’m confused.)

The Ellen Theatre downtown.

The Ellen Theatre downtown.

Downtown mural.

Downtown mural.

Cool sign on local concert hall.

Cool sign on local concert hall.

Taxidermy trophies on sporting goods store wall. Taxidermy trophies on sporting goods store wall.
There’s a local controversy here involving the explosion of a historic downtown building March 5. The blast, which killed a woman working in a gallery and destroyed a popular children’s boutique, is being blamed on the gas company, NorthWestern Electric, which reportedly refuses to settle for damages with the numerous small businesses effected. Demolition on the structure is now complete and legal wrangling is also well underway. Coming from a small business family, I’m very empathetic to these folks’ struggles.
On another brighter note, happy birthday today to my Dad. This blog is coming from the Museum of the Rockies parking lot, where I last visited with him and my mom and brother. Thanks for bringing us here, Dad!

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  will wrote @

I’ve been in that sporting goods store! Me, Adam, Eubank & Zivic got fishing licenses there. Eric then proceeded to experiment with chewing tobacco, which made him throw up and fall asleep almost simultaneously. Quite a day.

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