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Welcome to Wyoming

We’re in Laramie, Wyoming. I would have taken a picture of the “Welcome to Wyoming” sign as we crossed the state line, but someone had stolen the “Wyoming” part, so it only said .. “Welcome to ..”

Erik has never been to Wyoming before! I have but haven’t visited this southern part.

The only campground in Laramie is a KOA Kamping Kult. We’re not big fans of the KOA so we are staying in a funky cheap hotel instead, the Gaslight.

Western kitsch.

Western kitsch.

As I was out taking that picture of the front of the motel, a big convoy of WWII vehicles drove by and as I started taking their pictures the drivers began waving and honking.

Convoy follows.

Convoy follows.

Army issue Airstream?

Army issue Airstream?

Flying the colors.

Flying the colors.

As we came into town there were a lot of fields full of antelope along the roadway, and I’m sorry I couldn’t get a picture of one. They were simply too small and far away. But there were many fawns, very cute.


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