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Granby Lake

Granby Lake

Granby Lake

You might say that the mountain pine beetle pushed us all the way up to Granby Lake. We had planned to camp down by Winter Park, a popular ski resort, but the campground trees there were beetle-ridden (as has been all the forest since Frisco, basically) and many had been cut down, so we moved on.

This puts us within easy striking distance of the park tomorrow morning, so I’m looking forward to that. And we snagged the last campsite at Sunset Point, so that was another good thing.

Here’s a mystery from today’s travels. This tunnel:

Johnson or Eisenhower?

Johnson or Eisenhower?

As you can see from the photo, this is the Johnson tunnel, built in 1979. But on the map, it’s the Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel. Anybody know what’s up?


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  jody wrote @

Hey Leah
in good ol’ CO….we’re jealous. I hope you stop and brew taste…
and I believe the other side of the tunnel says Eisenhower… still a mystery I suppose…but if I remember correctly – we always read Eisenhower…hmm

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