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Recipes for camping stoves

We’ve been doing a great job doing the majority of our cooking on our propane stove in the van. Our primary problem is monotony.

Our main meals are: quesadillas featuring tortillas, cheese, green chiles, black beans and roasted tomatoes; pasta with alfredo or red sauce, usually with sausage of some kind; tortellini or other pasta variety with appropriate sauce and cheese; spinach, cooked (something green!) tonight we had it with pasta and sausage.. shocker.

We’re asking for your help. What would you make? Be creative, and cheap (we’re on a budget). In our fridge right now: cream cheese, French bread, sausages, lunch meat, Gatorade, Dr. Pepper, beer, crackers, string cheese, Havarti (yes, we love cheese),  tortillas, crackers .. that’s about it.

Recipes welcome! We’ll report back as to how they come out. And we also have a cupboard full of soups, mostly chicken noodle and roasted red bell pepper, as well as emergency chili and beans .. just in case.


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