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Chama .. almost to Colorado!

Chama is the home of the historic Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, which were once part of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroads, built in 1880. The population of Chama now, 1,200 people, is just 200 more than it was after the railroad boom, when it hit 1000.

Like the railroad that used to service Los Alamos and Los Olivos, it’s a narrow gauge train. The most beautiful part of the route has been preserved, and if you have a spare $75 to $100, you can take a trip on the train.

We won’t be doing that but checked out the station while we got mail and went to the bank in Chama.




Down the tracks.

Down the tracks.

The coal tipple shown in the photo above is the only wooden one surviving in the U.S. It was built in 1924 and is still used, though is currently undergoing renovation.

I snapped this photo of a gallery called “Local Color” because it’s such a journalism oxymoron.

Local color.

Local color.

The only place we stopped between here and the Ghost Ranch was a neat spot called the Echo Amphitheatre, which makes the neatest echo sounds when you send noise up into its depths. Definitely wished I had an audio recorded to be able to share the noise with you.

Echo. ECHO.

Echo. ECHO.

We are on our way to Durango, but may not be able to get there until tomorrow because we’re still waiting for the license plates.


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