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Famous church

Our last stop in Taos was at this very famous, much photographed church (including by artists like Ansel Adams – O’Keefe painted it, too .. they went there together.)

San Francisco de Asis

San Francisco de Asis


I was actually more fascinated with the buildings in the little square behind the church, including this one:

Will build to suit, the sign says.

Will build to suit, the sign says.


And this one:

Drive through cocktails.

Drive through cocktails.

 Out front we wandered into this trading post, and the owner claimed it was the oldest trading post in the U.S. Not sure if that’s true .. but .. it sure seemed like it inside. The wares included hundreds of hand-strung rosaries and lots of arrowheads.

Oldest trading post?

Oldest trading post?


I’m blogging this from a remote spot north of Taos called Cebolla Mesa. The Rio Grande is 1.25 miles below me and the cliff face across from the picnic table where I’m writing looks like a miniature Grand Canyon. We are (almost) the only people here, about 3 miles down a rutted dirt road.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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