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OK, I’m going to be brutally honest and critical here: Taos is a bit of a tourist trap.

We’d heard this from some fellow campers from Oregon who we met at a bus stop in Santa Fe. They were right.

Nevertheless, wandering around in the evening, looking for good photos, we found some bits of charm among the countless art galleries and foodie  restaurants.

If you go, here’s a tip: Skip the Kit Carson home and museum. Instead, put your $5 entrance fee towards a purchase of Hampton Sides’ excellent historical rundown, “Blood and Thunder,” which covers the beginnings of the American Southwest in articulate, well-researched fashion. It was the best book I could have read before coming on this trip, and many thanks to E’s mom Nell for buying it for him and thereby making me aware of it.

A few Taos snaps. My camera card reader has been in an unfortunate accident with a bottle of beer, hopefully it will dry out and return to working order soon.

Kit Carson portrait.

Kit Carson portrait.


Street mural on main drag.

Street mural on main drag.


Funny suitcase slogan.

Funny suitcase slogan.


Iron moose.

Iron moose.

Side note: on the way to Taos we stopped at a national Vietnam Veterans Memorial outside Angel Fire. My dad had mentioned this from a New Mexico trip he took many years ago with our good family friend Tom McCord. The memorial is perched on a perfect hillside spot and had a very powerful presence to it. Just after Memorial Day, it was a sobering stop.



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