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Georgia O’Keefe, last day in Santa Fe

The newest exhibits at the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Santa Fe, on now through September, aren’t particularly spectacular.  What is on display as part of the permanent collection, however, is terrific. The few sketches and paintings from Hawaii, Peru and Japan aren’t her best work.

Additionally, the museum is celebrating the return of the painting “Jimson Weed” from the White House dining room – apparently the Obamas chose a different painting for the wall there. The painting is shown in the poster here:


My favorite quote from the exhibit: “I have been awfully lucky. All my life I have done just what I wanted and I have made a living at it.” Georgia O’Keefe, year unknown.

Santa Fe was totally packed today. The line to get into the new museum of history was over 150 people long, so we didn’t make it in. However, a local member of the museum reports that there seems to be much to offer notwithstanding a few concerns about historical detail (surviving historic accounts indicate settlers on the trail Santa Fe were usually in open wagons, not covered wagons as shown in the exhibit).

There may be a few days without internet coming up (or maybe not, we shall see), so here are a few more fun photos to close out the Santa Fe experience.




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