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Today I was in Albuquerque meeting with a really nice woman named Sophie Martin, who is the manager of a blog called dukecityfix.com.  (She’s second from right in the photo, New Mexico Independent reporter Gwyneth Doland is second from left.) She was about to be part of a panel of experts on social media before a regular meeting of a New Mexico advertising group. Since a panelist had cancelled, I was asked to sit in and participate.

I talked about the Edhat model, how the site provided great citizen journalism coverage during the fire, and a little bit about how being a journalist today requires mounds of creativity when it comes to looking at the future.

The questions were very provocative, with most of the attendees seemingly wondering how they can get their advertising clients to buy in to the idea of concepts like Facebook, Twitter, (and community journalism sites, too) for marketing and promotion. We talked about how hard it is to make such models profitable but what a great need there is for creative community content in every American town.

One woman who came up to me afterward had even used Edhat for news and info during the Jesusita Fire! It’s a small world.  

We’re having some van fixing issues and may not be able to leave for the mountains until tomorrow now. Big bummer but that’s OK.


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  Allen Parsons wrote @

Did advertising agencies articulate why their clients resist social media? Unfamiliarity? Doubt? Lack of data? No money to spend? And why do they want their clients to buy into the idea? Do they have evidence it works? Or do they want to test? Extremely interesting subject.

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