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Hawaii at LAX

Due to a change in travel plans courtesy of United Airlines, I spent the majority of this afternoon at LAX, listening to Hawaiian music. This takes me back to the time my family spent in Honolulu more than 18 years ago. We had the opporunity to live there due to my father’s telephone engineering work .. it was an amazing cultural and travel experience. The most important thing I learned from those months in Hawaii was that if you really want to experience a place, you need to be aware of your surroundings at every moment, no matter where you are or what is happening. Some of the most powerful memories of my life are from those travels in Hawaii, visiting the North Shore surf spots, mid-Oahu pineapple fields, Aloha Tower, Waikiki Beach and its many hotels, or the other islands like Kona and Kauai.
On the way down to LA I met a retired UCLA professor returning to his home in New Mexico from UCSB, where he had delivered a lecture on the theory that the earth must be looked at from a distance to fully understand the impact of environmental processes. Nice guy. I wish I had started talking to him earlier in the flight so I could have learned more about his research.


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